Our Philosophy

As a business owner you are part of a special group. You are the different ones, the risk takers, the entrepreneurs who carry this country.

You employ staff which in turn supports a number of families – you have your own community that you lead, fund and give meaningful employment to, allowing their children to be raised with a strong work ethic and sense of security. 

As a group, private business owners collect and pay more than their fair share of taxes for the country and the state(s) – taxes which stay in this country. Company Tax, PAYG, GST, FBT, Payroll Tax, Land Tax, Fuel Tax, MV taxes, Capital Gains Tax, Council Rates - the list goes on.  You spend your time and money collecting tax for the government.

You already do a lot, but who is supporting and assisting you?  You don’t get the credit or rewards you deserve.  Collectively we aim to change this. 

We AIM to inspire business owners to create a personal and business vision which is larger than what they currently have for themselves.   As well, we aim to collectively become a strong and significant voice of leadership to shape and improve the quality and security of Australian lives now and for future generations.

“Australia needs Leaders”

"To bring together Business Owners from across Australia to collectively be the most influential private business organisation in the country – We aim to be a strong voice to government.  

Suite 408 / 685 Burke Road, Camberwell 3124 Victoria 
PO Box 423, Camberwell 3124  Victoria

General inquiries:

+61 3 9044 0729
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